West Philly Swingers is UPenn's offical swing dancing troupe! We are both a social and a performance group. Members are required to attend lessons five times a month by our fantastic instructors Chris, Lauren, Greg, and Laurie and perform in at least one number in our show.


Thank you for participating in PILE! It was great to see all of you. You can relive the memories at our WP Swingers youtube account! Also look out for other future events :)

  Social Dancing

Philadelphia has a great swing dancing scene. Members of our troupe will often be seen at weekly social dancing events around the city such as Jazz Attack, Rittenhop, and Powerhouse Blues. If we happen to be in New York City, we also go to Frim Fram!


Members and alums who are available participate in PILE, Boston Tea Party, Lindy Focus, MAD Jam, NISE, and Liberty Swing. But competing is never mandatory! Sometimes we'll just attend the events for the great classes and the awesome dancing!


Our spring semester show is on April 14th and 15th at Prince Theater. All of our pieces are choreographed by our own members. We have a blast organizing our shows and our audiences have a blast watching them. They are not to be missed!


Follow our facebook page for regular updates! See our latest videos on our youtube page. Follow us on instagram at @westphillyswing.



Other People We Care About



Alex Swick
Amy Shan
Anna Brill
Claire P. Elliot
Emily Fitzpatrick
Guðrún Björg Gylfadóttir
Lucy Guida
Lynette Ashaba
Michael Karam
Sarah Parkinson
Tara Rajagopal
David Isele
Yoo Jin Kim
Molly Balzano

Fall 2016

Annie Z. Li

Spring 2016

Anton Ivlev
Jennifer Deng
Julia Shteyngardt
Kevin Hong
Kevin Zhai
Kinsey Miller
Melissa Buja
Monica Wojciechowski


Brianna Gardner
Cynthia Plotch
Daniel White
Derek Oldridge
Jesse Idun
Joseph Tong
Josh Jackson
Maddie Reckart
Mark Menkevich
Mengshu Shen
Nate Golubiewski
Olivia Padovan
Peter Yin
Razzi Abuissa
Rebecca Engelke
Stefanie Zavodny
Tanvi Mittal
Theo Cohen


Andrew Musser
Edem Attikese
Eric Meisel
Eza Koch
Kathleen Sun
Kristie Bauman
Max Hess
Meryl Arnold
Morgan Joens
Noa Bendit-Shull
Noah Levine
Tim Miller


Athena Burkett
Brett Wittmershaus
Christian Hung
Clare Fletcher
Krista Engle
Laura Gertken
Nellie Catzen
Priyanka Anand
Shumita Basu


Catherine Dierkes
Dalton Banks
Jerry Wu
Kelly Finnigan
Kiri Nakamura
Kristen Rocha
Lauren Tillery
Meg Dickson
Timothy Nielsen
Vivian Chow
Zoe Plantevin


Antonio Vergara
Bartell Cope
Cari Meisel
Christina (Vinton) Brose
Chennery Fife
Huge Ma
Jeremy Lautman
JP Dudzinsky
Lauren Amira
Oat Naviroj
Sarah Sterling
Saras Windecker
Sean Madigan
Winston Wei


Alison Mora
Chris Arasin
Lindsey Allwine
Nirav Sanghani
Rachel Amalo
Rebecca Aaberg
Sandra Mazlagic
Sharon Her
Sean Madigan
Shoham Bhadra


Derek Dahmer
Hal Emmer
Jack Cohen
Laura Birnbaum
Lexi Wong
Maddy Yasner


Angela Han
Anna Raper
Ben Grunwald
Jonathan Wu
Julia Onorato
Kim Gallant
Michelle Domanico
Mike Costa


Emily Goldman
Lara Fine
Patrick Fisher
Robert Allen
Stephanie Mazzaro
Theresa Chen
Veyom Bahl
Zach Kern


Dilip Ramachandran
Jacob Wiseman
Jeff Hammock
Jessica Gamburg
Joe Russo
Nils Holum
Ross Leimber


Andrea Hsue
Caroline Elkin
Dave Meyerson
Jamé Corrar
Kelly Cortichiato
Lori White
Sylvia Indyk


Olivia Shone
Owen Gunden


Eric Jacobson